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Car Seat Foldable For 9 Month To 12 Years Old

Car Seat Foldable For 9 Month To 12 Years Old

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Want a folding car seat for travel? Here are your best choices by age


  • PORTABLE AND PACKABLE | Car seats no longer have to be heavy, bulky, and impractical. installs easily and quickly. Deflates and rolls up tightly in its own travel bag for a compact fit in suitcases, carry-ons, large purses,s or backpacks.
  • (ECE R44/04 Certified) | Your child deserves a comfortable and safe car seat for those quick journeys in rental cars, taxis, Uber rides, school trips, or in carpools. Meets or exceeds all federal standards for car seat safety (ECE R44/04 Certified).

  • STURDY, STABLE, SECURE | Non-skid base is designed to sit firm and steady on leather, vinyl, or cloth seats. Provides soothing stability while riding and limits movement in case of an accident. Gentle on your upholstery.
  • SECURITY AND COMFORT | Buoyant and extra comfy for small bottoms. (Your little one will love the ultra-cushiony design!) Positioning clips ensure that child’s belt fits properly and comfortably across the lap rather than dangerously digging into the stomach, preventing internal damage in the event of an accident.






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