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Pramora Baby Smart Swim Trainer

Pramora Baby Smart Swim Trainer

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👶🏻🌊Keep your kids safe and give them confidence in the water! 👶🏻🌊

Enjoy worry-free water playtime with your little one with our product designed for maximum safety and comfort. Your baby will have a blast exploring in a secure and supportive position, all while staying close to mommy and daddy.

Foster confidence and improve swimming habits:

Start nurturing your baby's confidence and preventing fear of water from infancy. Introduce them to the pool early with our swim trainer, which offers a less constricting experience. It places them in a perfect neutral angle, allowing free movement of their head, arms, and legs, fostering good swimming habits. You'll be amazed at how naturally babies take to swimming!

Experience comfort, safety, and security with our product.

Ensure your baby's comfort, safety, and security in the water with our Swim Trainer. Featuring a thickly padded adjustable crotch and chest strap, along with a double safety clasp, it provides extra security to prevent slipping or forward flipping while your baby kicks and explores the water.

Take anywhere and everywhere for convenient water play on the go!

Equipped with quick-drying technology, our baby swim trainer is lightweight and highly portable. Whether at the beach, pool, or bathtub, it's the perfect companion for water play anytime, anywhere. Use it in the bathtub to help your baby become comfortable and confident in water before transitioning to the pool.


Prevents accidental tipping over and slipping off:

Crafted with widened sides for optimal buoyancy and a heightened front to eliminate the risk of accidental tipping in any direction. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your baby is safe in the water. They can comfortably see and touch the water in a neutral position, with their chin resting on the groove

Keep your baby protected from the harsh sun with our swim trainer:

Shielding your baby from the sun is essential, especially considering their inability to metabolize and excrete sunscreen chemicals. Our swim trainer offers a solution with an Easy Fold & Detachable UPF 50+ Sun Shade featuring meshed sides for added breathability. This design not only protects their delicate skin from harsh sunlight but also allows them to splash and play comfortably all day long.


Learning to swim in the early stages offers numerous benefits for children:

  1. Safety
  2. Confidence
  3. Physical Development
  4. Social Skills
  5. Cognitive Development
  6. Emotional Well-being
  7. Independence


  • Precautions:

    • This product is not intended as a lifesaving device.
    • Always use under parental supervision.
    • Do not remove the plastic cover inside the float.
    • Weight Limit: Maximum 44lbs (22kg).


  • Specifications:

    • Suitable for babies aged 3 months to 4 years old.
    • Safe for babies with sensitive skin.
    • Dimensions: 19.1in x 18.3in / 48.5cm x 46.5cm.
    • Certified to European Safety Standards EN13138-1, AU/NZ Safety, and USA ASTM F963 Standard.



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