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3 in 1 Luxury Travel System Baby Pram 360 Degree Rotation

3 in 1 Luxury Travel System Baby Pram 360 Degree Rotation

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Luxury 3-in-1 Travel System Baby Pram

A 3-in-1 luxury baby Pram makes it easy to stay connected with your little one by bringing the baby closer than ever!

  • Our baby stroller is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability, comfort, and safety for your baby. The seat is made from premium PU leather that is both soft and easy to clean, providing a comfortable and stylish place for your baby to sit. The frame is constructed from lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy, which makes the stroller both strong and easy to maneuver. The wheels are made from durable PU rubber, which offers excellent shock absorption and traction on a variety of surfaces.

    Overall, the combination of these materials and components makes for a baby stroller that is not only functional but also comfortable and stylish. Whether you're taking a stroll through the park or running errands around town, you can trust that our stroller will provide a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.

  • 360°Rotation Function - The robust stroller frame can rotate 360° so that the pushchair attachments can be adjusted faster in both directions with one click you can enjoy mobility, and flexibility and get the chance to discover the world with your baby
  • Increase Pu Rubber Wheels - The rear wheels use high-quality large tires, explosion-proof tires, puncture-proof, no inflation, front-wheel Pu rubber, non-slip, wear-resistant, with good shock absorption. The canopy and armrests for children aged 0-6 months are used for sleeping baskets and the ceiling and armrests for children aged 6-36 months are used for seats.

  • Waterproof Pu Leather - Completely designed with Somatology Safety standard, 100% PU leather material, and High-grade waterproof, this perfect match feels more luxurious and fashionable and is easy to clean. It can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe.
  • Convenient to carry: Our baby stroller is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. With its compact size and foldable frame, it can be quickly and easily folded up for storage or transport, making it a breeze to take with you wherever you go. Whether you're heading out for a quick trip to the store or embarking on a longer adventure, this stroller is a great choice for parents on the go.

  • For any occasion: Our baby stroller is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you're attending a birthday party, a wedding, a Christmas gathering, or any other event, this stroller will help you keep your baby safe, comfortable, and happy. With its versatile design and ease of use, it's a great choice for parents who want to be able to take their baby with them wherever they go. So why wait? Order your baby stroller today and start enjoying all the benefits of this great product!

  • Adjustable Seat - the stroller suit for 0-36 months baby. The stroller seat can be adjusted in three inclinations (115 ° for sitting, 135 ° and 170 ° for taking a rest ), essentials for newborn babies
  • Accessible Bottom Storage- Features engineered aluminum frame construction which ensures the durability of the stroller. Also features a big storage tray basket under the stroller and a carry bag for easy storage.
  1. Our baby stroller offers 3-in-1 functionality with a frame, sleeping basket, and safety basket. The safety basket is designed to be used as a car seat, providing a safe and comfortable ride for your baby both in and out of the car.

  2. With its two-way push design, our stroller is versatile and easy to use. The directional and universal buckles allow you to switch between directional and universal wheels, depending on your needs. This makes it easy to navigate through narrow spaces or rough terrain, providing you with greater flexibility and control.

  3. Our stroller is designed to provide maximum comfort for your baby, with multiple adjustable angles. Whether your baby is sleeping or sitting up, you can easily adjust the angle to suit their needs.

  4. Our stroller features oversized rubber rear wheels with a diameter of 30 cm, providing excellent traction and stability on a variety of surfaces. The front wheels are also designed for comfort, helping to reduce vibration and ensure a smooth ride for your baby.

Overall, our baby stroller is a versatile and practical choice for parents on the go. With its 3-in-1 functionality, adjustable angles, and two-way push design, it offers both comfort and convenience for both you and your baby.

"Please note that this car seat does not come with a base, Our car seat has been upgraded. It can now be securely fastened to the car seat using the car's seat belt "


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